Tips for a healthy weight loss journey

For most people (including myself), the first few days of their weight loss journey usually consists of a number of extreme changes. Maybe you’d go to the gym and work out for an hour or two – afterward, you’d drastically change your diet.

And you might step on the scale, only to notice that the week of cutting off all your favourite foods and hauling your ass to the gym gave you nothing of what you expected. Then you’ll either feel terrible, or pretend not to care, which leads you to give up and continue on being a couch potato with a pizza box balanced on the side.

But to whoever needs the help, I’m here! Below are the things I swear by; it’ll be our little secret, okay?

Over the span of 3 months, I’ve managed to achieve a weight loss of a total of 15 kg.

I can proudly say that my journey was not an easy one, but it was healthy, sustainable, and kept me happy. The golden key to losing weight is prepping yourself physically and mentally for the long term. Change comes with time.

Losing weight can be hard, but sustaining the weight loss is even harder.


1 | Eat healthy, award yourself a cheat day! 

I’m a huge foodie- I work out so I can eat more of what I want.

When you’re starting out, baby steps are the way to go- reducing portions and increasing the frequency in which you eat will help you reduce calorie intakes but won’t leave you hungry.  Note: self-discipline is required. 

And if you’re like me and have no time to whip up healthy low-carb low-calorie menus seen on Pinterest, a good idea would be to do meal-prep during the weekends. There are loads of recipes floating around in the web that you can attempt with minimal fuss.

Additionally, you have to eat healthy. Yep. That means no sugary, fried, sodium and fat-high foods. (save it for your cheat day!) Now, now, I’m not banning snacking – I would be a monster if I did that. There are so many healthier options available, such as zucchini crisps, cinnamon bananas, dark chocolate PB cups.

2| Drink water, and lots of it! 

Aside from sweet, unhealthy eats, you’ll also have to bid farewell to your sweet drinks. Replace your Pepsi with water – it contains no calories and also helps you feel fuller. A tip would be to drink 2 glasses of water before every meal; it’s great help in curbing your appetite.

To up your water game – infuse your glass with fruits or plop a teabag in. My favourite one has to be adding in fruit vinegar – it has so many wonderful properties (clears your skin, helps to detox and has proven to help in weight loss too) and leaves a lip-smacking fruity aftertaste.

Make sure you drink lots of it too, it really pays in the long run – both in shedding pounds and keeping your body well-hydrated. As mentioned in my previous post here, I’ve been trying to make myself drink more water, and you should join my efforts in doing that too!

3 | Exercise, hit the gym, work that booty! 

This probably was the biggest attribute to how I lost weight. When I was first starting out, I absolutely hated going to the gym. Once I got the hang of it (and started seeing results), working out has become one of my favourite things to do during my pockets of free time.

I usually spend one hour on the treadmill, alternating between running and brisk walking ‘uphill’. This is probably the best exercise in helping you to shed the overall fats in your body, aside from doing rope jumps. After a good run, I like to spend at least 30 minutes on doing more focused exercises- currently, thigh slimming ones.

If I haven’t any time to go the gym because of school, what I like to do is grabbing out a yoga mat for some stretching exercises, and/or searching up some simple exercises on Pinterest to do at home. Ultimately, doing little is better than doing nothing.

However, I do get lazy and have a few dips in motivation from time to time. That being said, it is perfectly okay to skip a workout from time to time. We’re humans, we have our ups and downs. Don’t ever let the pressure to workout compromise your mental health, because it should never feel like a chore.

4 | Motivational Lockscreens and Wallpapers

Lastly, this.

Our “ideal” self encourages us to do things that are good for us, the “ought” self stops us doing things that lead our actual self away from it (e.g. avoiding fried fritters because we want to be fitter).

In either case, it usually takes effort and motivation. Remember how a few posts back I was talking about how seriously I take my phone wallpaper? Something that was of a huge help for me was a well-placed reminder in the form of a motivational phone wallpaper. We use our devices every moment of the day, so seeing it often can serve as a timely reminder and up that motivation gauge.

These are some wallpapers I alternate through time to time, hope you can use them in some way or another!


Well, I think I’m going to end the post right here! Yes, these aren’t unknown secrets, but I just wanted to share with you the things that really helped me to achieve my goals and to see a better version of myself- both physically and mentally.

Remember, you should work out to be healthy and happy.




10 thoughts on “Tips for a healthy weight loss journey

  1. crystalsandcurls says:

    yes girl yes! These are great tips – for me, I make small changes (like introducing fruit into my diet as a replacement for snacks) every month or so until eventually all your habits are good….but you don’t FEEL like you’ve completely overhauled and then it’s sustainable 🙂 xx

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